The Bigg Boss Show is not about what happens. The Bigg Boss team keeps saying that everything happens according to the wishes of the audience and the eliminations happen according to the audience votes. But the process of elimination does not take place according to the population. The main allegation is that the eliminations take place in accordance with the agreements made with the Bigg Boss team.

Eliminations on the Bigg Boss show always lead to controversy. And now the upcoming Bigg Boss non-stop show on OTT is going down the same path. Big Boss is in turmoil over non-stop eliminations. Mumtaz Khan went out in the first week. Srirapaka was then sent away. None of those eliminations came as much of a surprise.

But in the third week RJ Chaitu was eliminated. This is something no one expected. Everyone thought that a player like Chaitu would be eliminated so quickly. But RJ Chaitanya was sent out by the Bigg Boss team. RJ Chaitu has been entertaining everyone, both in tasks and at home.

RJ Chaitu Elimination came as a surprise to all the members of the house, not just him. The people who watched the show were also shocked. In the fourth week, however, Sarayu was eliminated. That’s what everyone expected. But this is the fifth week that an unexpected contestant has to go out.

Normally though, Mitra Sharma should go out in the light of what has happened, controversies and clashes this week . Her image has been completely damaged by things like spying on her at home, secret writings and lying. All thought that Mitra Sharma would be eliminated. But the twist at the end is to amplify myself.

Information that Tejaswi will be eliminated in this fifth week . However, this elimination came as a shock to everyone. Brilliant play style and mannerisms are all well and good. The game is being played with care not to make the mistakes made last season now. But the news that Tejaswi has been eliminated comes as a surprise to everyone.