In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Non-Stop, host Nagarjuna Akkineni wished the contestants a happy Ugadi.
Nagarjuna appreciated Akhil and gave him a ‘not guilty’ board. He congratulated Akhil for becoming the captain and also nominating Sravanthi despite being his bestie.

Nagarjuna also appreciated Ashu for her gameplay and her strong argument during the courtroom task. Ashu also got ‘not guilty’ board.
Nagarjuna imitated Nataraj before awarding him a ‘not guilty’ board.
Hamida got a ‘guilty’ board from host Nagarjuna who advised to get serious about her game and fight for captaincy.

Ariyana got a ‘guilty’ board as she favoured her opponent team during the courtroom task. Nagarjuna asked her to bring back the old Ariyana.
The host encouraged Sravanthi and Anil to get better with their respective games. They got a ‘guilty’ board, too.

Ajay, on the other hand, got a ‘not guilty’ board along with an appreciation for his game. Nagarjuna suggested him to not use cuss words again.

Host Nagarjuna hailed Bindu Madhavi for bouncing back in the game. She got a ‘not guilty’ board, too.

Nagarjuna asked Mithraw to get along with everyone in the house instead of communicating through tissue papers and crying every time.
The host also awarded Shiva the ‘not guilty’ board appreciating his game.

Nagarjuna called Mumait as the ‘wildest’ card entry ever. He appreciated her judgment in the courtroom task and performance in the colour coding task. She, too, got a ‘guilty’ board.

The host further asked Mahesh and Tejaswi to up their game.

Nagarjuna reiterated that a contestant getting saved earlier in any episode is not dependent on their popularity.

Shiva got saved first in the episode.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 fame Roll Rida performed a special rap song in the episode.

The housemates then played the task ‘Shadruchulu’ wherein every contestant allotted a taste to a contestant.

Mithraw got saved next in the episode. Sravanthi exposed Mithraw’s feelings for Ajay. Mithraw refused to open up.

Ariyana was saved soon after the Shadruchulu round. Ajay chased Mithraw asking to reveal what she told Bindu about him.

Sneha Gupta entertained with her sizzling dance performance.

The contestants then revealed a secret about one inmate in the house. The housemates were then divided into two teams and played pictionary.

Bindu got saved next while actress-TV judge Poorna delivered a stellar dance performance.