In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Non-Stop, Ashu told Nataraj why Sravanthi was upset with Mumait during the captaincy task.
The housemates then celebrated Ugadi by preparing Ugadi Pachadi with the given ingredients, decorated the house and danced their hearts out to some chartbusters.

Ace anchor Suma Kanakala visited the house as the special guest. She gifted the housemates a food item each and didn’t miss an opportunity to roast the contestants and their game with her signature wit and spontaneity.
As per the next task, the contestants had to speak about one inmate in Telugu and tell what that contestant needed to change in the new year.

Akhil had to do push ups with Hamida on his back as a punishment for talking in Telugu. Mumait Khan also had to serve a punishment. She had to talk about Bindu to the tune of Happy Birthday song. Nataraj had to display different types of laughs as a punishment.

Suma then gave a funny prediction about every housemate’s game.

Suma further promoted her upcoming release and encouraged everyone to play well. The housemates bid Suma a farewell grooving to the popular number ‘Laahe Laahe’.

In her interaction with Akhil Sarthak, Ariyana wished to survive the danger zone this week and sought some encouragement from the former.

Mahesh spoke to Anil and Hamida about Shiva’s game. Akhil told Ajay that he wants to stay focused on his game rather than relationships in the house.

Sravanthi shared with Bindu Madhavi that she no longer feels like talking to Akhil.