In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Non-Stop, Mumait shared an advice to Akhil regarding Ashu. Akhil and Ashu had yet another fight over a plate with leftover food.
Nataraj shared his complaints about Tejaswi to Mumait. Tejaswi asked Mumait to believe her eyes more than ears.

The contestants then had to name the worst housemate of the week. Mithraw was voted as the worst housemate by a majority of the housemates. She was sent to jail.
Mumait tried to talk to Mithraw but she was reluctant to open up. Akhil commanded a rather reluctant Mithraw, who wanted a tissue paper, while washing her hand in the sink.

The housemates then participated in a task to win a few luxury budget items.

Mumait along with Tejaswi tried to counsel Mithraw. Tejaswi felt Mithraw should be let alone as her behaviour was weird and thought process is negative.

As per the next task, Mumait had to pour a colour with a designated characteristic trait in every housemate’s beaker, giving enough reasons. Mumait and Mahesh had a heated argument over their differences. Nataraj even took a power nap while Mumait and Bindu had a heated debate.

Mumait criticised Mithraw’s game but the latter did not counter her. Instead, Mithraw emotionally promised to comment on it sometime. Later, she hugged Mumait and asked her to not lose hope in her. Mumait encouraged her to open up more.

Sravanthi shared her concern over the change in Akhil’s strategy after Mumait’s entry. Later, Sravanthi and Akhil tried to sort out their differences after Mumait’s re-entry.