Bigg Boss House heats up with yesterday’s nominations. A total of ten people stood in the nominations. And today (April 05) in the episode .. Ajay reveals the Penta panchayat that Mitra Sharma is investing in the house.

While Bindu Madhavi, Mahesh, Shiva, Aneel, and Ajay were all sitting .. Mitra wrote something about me and gave it to you. What did Ajay write? Asked the drip. With this, Ajay said the whole of what she wrote .. ‘Be careful with the point .. she uses her genitals .. I like your smile. When I told Akhil about that, she got angry. If I go to the bathroom, I write one on the tissue .. she says take it off .. Ajay said that it was written too big.

Most irritating flag ..

As part of today’s fitting .. Someone in the house said to say the most irritating .. Give the most irritating flag for appropriate reasons. First Sravanti .. Nataraj gave an irritating flag to the master.

After that who said irritating ..

Ariana .. Mitra Sharma
anchor Shiva .. Mitra Sharma
Akhil .. Mitra Sharma
Ajay .. Mitra Sharma Mumtaz
Khan .. Mitra Sharma
Ashureddy .. Bindu Madhavi
Anil Rathod .. Natraj Master
Bindu Madhavi .. Nataraj Master

Most irritating Mitra Sharma got the most votes in this irritating task. Without giving proper reasons for Mitra’s nominations in yesterday’s nominations .. all the people in the house gave her irritating flags saying that she brought out a lot of irritants without a single word. But was the original task set for Mitra Sharma? It seemed so. After the nominations were over yesterday, it seemed that this irritating panchayat was set up again for Mitra Sharma.

Captaincy Competitors Task .. Robot Factory
The Robot Factory Task that took place this week as part of the Captain Competitors Task went juicy. In this whole task, Bindu put Madhavini in words. Also, Mumtaz Khan brought scissors too .. Mahesh Vita lifted the robots on the cover.