Why Kochina Nominations Eliminations Basu .. This Bigg Boss show has become extremely boring .. Since who is actually watching this show .. In other words .. What Bigg Boss show is coming? There are a lot of people who ask that. Karma Kali is coming Lendi .. it will also be aired 24 hours a day on Hot Star but .. it is being aired as if no one understands what is going on. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

The show, which started with a total of 17 people, has grown to 50 episodes. Five bags are in order .. There are 13 people in the house. Mumtaz Khan was eliminated and re-entered.

There were ten nominal nominations on the sixth day. While Bindu Madhavi, Anchor Shiva, Ajay, Sravanti, Mumtaz Khan, Mitra Sharma, Natraj, Mahesh Vita, Ashu Reddy, Hamida are the pigs .. one of them is going to be eliminated.

Mitra Sharma Special Category .. She is the adopted daughter of Bigg Boss this season. Regardless of the voting, there are plenty of rumors that she’s got a deal to stay in the Bigg Boss House for years. That is why if strong contestants like Tejaswi and RJ Chaitu are eliminated and more Mitra sins are saved .. Mitra Range can mean something. On top of that the outside PR team works hard for her .. Mitra set up a big team to cast her votes and went into the house too. Is it called a stream? No one really knows what she’s doing in the house. However, if she’s not eliminated, it’s the same Bigg Boss game.

Whoever is going to be eliminated this week is Mitra Sharma and Sravanti are in the special category out of the ten nominees. They have nothing to do with voting. Of the remaining seven, Bigg Boss Tribe also anchors Katraz Master. Shiva, Ajay and Bindu Madhavi are not likely to be eliminated (according to voting). Hamida, however, thrashed the game this week. Bindu put Madhav in the basket .. Amma Hamida did it.

And what about Ashu Reddy? I will not do this until Akhil is eliminated. Moreover, the blessings of host Nagarjuna continue to appear on the weekend as strong as Ashu Papaki. Last week, a swipe option was introduced to remove Ashureddy from the nominations. With that swipe, Katraj nominated Master Tejaswi and sent him out of the house. Due to this Ashureddy is not strong in the game but very strong in terms of recommendation.

The rest is Mumtaz Khan .. there is no change in her game .. no matter how annoying it is in the starting .. even now .. if it works, there is nothing to say about her except to fight or laugh like a villain. According to the game .. The list of those who want to be eliminated this week .. Mumtaz, Sravanti, Mitra Sharma are. Mitra Sharma, Bigg Boss has been saving the streams so maybe this week too. If the same happens then Mumtaz Khan may be eliminated instead of these two.

However a double elimination this week is a must. Because .. there are currently 13 people in the house .. only six weeks left. Exactly 8 people need to be eliminated in these six weeks. If it is extended for a week .. at least seven will have to be eliminated. Five of the 13 will go to the top 5 while the remaining eight will have to be eliminated.

If you look at this calculation .. there are ten nominations in this week so two can be eliminated.
Mid elimination is also present in Bigg Boss Non Stop .. Mid Elimination is being carried out in other languages ​​.. It can also be introduced in Telugu. If the same happens, carry out the mid-elimination process this week and stretch one. Another will be sent on Sunday.

If the same happens, Mitra Sharma, who has been protecting others for years, will complete the deal with Sravanti, but both of them will be running the shop this week as a couple. One is Mid Elimination and the other is on Weekend. It should come as no surprise that Mahesh Vita, Aneel and Hamida have been eliminated.

Mumtaz Khan was given a wild card and sent away a second time but there was no change in her game. To her, Bigg Boss House means attarillu count .. comes and goes .. why is it actually coming .. why is going .. no one knows what she is doing while in the house. Why is she being offered on Bigg Boss offers .. once eliminated and given her a chance to make a double entry in Season 1 called Secret Room again .. now the same in OTT .. she was eliminated on the first week and sent home with a wild card entry again. Pony has changed now .. The game plays well .. It does not mean that it entertains the audience .. It always irritates the sod. Double elimination is a must so Mumtaz, Mitra Sharma, two of the streams will be eliminated and the headaches will be reduced to some extent or not .. We have to see if two more strong contestants will be formed as no one expected.