The robot task is going juicy in Bigg Boss Non Stop. This task will take place this week as part of the captaincy container selection. The members of the household are divided into two groups and played. As it is also a physical task the girl in the house will shed tears.

The pigs are falling for each other and competing for robots without seeing that the females are males. And since there is no method for this game .. Physical Attack for Robots is coming down. Not only did they steal from each other .. they also made this task stink by playing in groups.

Group game in Bigg Boss House means it is Akhil Batch .. Bindu Madhavi is no less .. he plays with Shiva. The rest of them set up groups for whom.

In yesterday’s episode, Bindu Madhavi put all her coins in the basket with Hamida’s smart game. Mumtaz Khan has snatched all the hard-earned robots from Mahesh Vita with the idea of ​​Katraj Master Cunning.

And today’s episode has more hustle and bustle. While Bindu Madhavi was gossiping that Akhil and Bach were playing as a group .. a quarrel started between the two. Ashureddy next door asks Grupa as if nothing has happened.

After that, Ashureddy and Bindu Madhavi fell on each other for robots and launched a physical attack. Knocked down. Mumtaz Khan and Ashureddy together attacked Bindu Madhavi and knocked her down. However, Bindu Madhavi did not back down .. She fought hard with Ashureddy. Altogether the two were seen falling down and tumbling into the Bigg Boss house.

At the end Hamida was seen bowing as someone broke her sinful arm. Sean looks as if the blow has hit hard. All in all this is a physical task for the boys and girls. In this physical task, which Bigg Boss foolishly puts on, the girls squirm as if they want to climb on top of them without being seen.