The Bigg Boss non-stop show will be on Tata Butta Sarde in another four weeks. The game, which started with 17 contestants, currently has 11 contestants. Baba Bhaskar ‘s wild card entry as the 11th contestant after reaching the top 10 changed the top 5 calculations. Until yesterday, one count .. After the entry of Baba Bhaskar, the situation changed as if it was another count.

Why did he compete? I mean .. may not be a player but .. a good player. Beat the Top Contestants in Season 3 and become the Top 3 Contestant. Baba Bhaskar is also known as an entertainer. However he hinted at how his game strategy was going to be as soon as Bigg Boss came into Non Stop.

In Sunday’s episode, Baba Bhaskar entered the Bigg Boss house with a wild card entry .. He was kept in a secret room till Tuesday (April 19) .. He was sent into the house. Introducing Baba Bhaskar as a guest to the family members .. then gave a shocking shock. Iam Baba Bhaskar said that it was a wild card entry and the people in the house were overwhelmed. Especially for Akhil Batch, however, faces have been made.

However, it was as if Baba Bhaskar had started the game by saving Bindu Madhavini from the nominations as soon as he arrived. Baba Bhaskar watched the Bigg Boss game for almost 8 weeks. Outside Bindu Madhavi Understand what range the craze is in. Going into the house exactly four weeks ago and reaching the top 5 is not that easy. No matter how many groves Thurum Khan has, those in the house will side with him. If we’ve been playing for eight weeks .. why is he going to the top 5 now? Will see that ride. All the members of the house are one .. The situation comes that he is one with himself.

However, Baba Bhaskar noticed all this before .. Bindu saved Madhavini and started the original Sisal game. In the same context, it seems that Bigg Boss has given mad clarity on who the winner is.

Those who come as guests from Bigg Boss House .. even a small word Anna .. those inside know very well that it has a lot of effect. That’s why outsiders are watching what they are saying. Both the negative and the positive are equated. However, with the arrival of Baba Bhaskar .. Bindu Madhav was given a clear hint by saving. Bindu Madhavi has more craze outside .. It seems that Baba Bhaskar has leaked that she is going to be the winner.

Baba Bhaskar, who did not want to be Dhoka in these four weeks, saved the point if he was close with the strong contestant in the house. Based on this, Bindu Madhavi and Baba Bhaskar sent signals to the opposite batch that they would play the game together. There is no doubt that Akhil and Bach will nominate Baba Bhaskar next week anyway. Wild Card Entry Reason Bindu Madhavi is strong anyway .. If she is not in the nominations then surely her votes will go to Baba Bhaskar. Even if Bindu Madhavi is not in the nominations, her votes may be shared by Baba Bhaskar.

However, when Baba Bhaskar announced that he was saving Bindu Madhav, Akhil, Ashureddy and Nataraj’s made a face. Akhil in particular is the only one crying less. Baba Bhaskar took the word Amma Todu .. he was playing lies .. he lost faith in him .. Akhil started crying.

With the entry of Baba Bhaskar, Ashureddy says that the game will start now. Ashureddy said that the three of us were targeted by Akhil .. Akhil joined in the crying.

Akhil later revealed what was on his mind as Ajay also joined the group. ‘Whoever is strong in Baba Bhaskar’s house will not come to their rescue,’ he said. With that word, Ashureddy said, “Why did he hit the three of us when he came?” This means that along with Akhil and Ajay, he also feels that he is a strong contestant. Lendi is not wrong in imagining this after seeing the compliments of host Nagarjuna Gary.

On the one hand .. how dare Baba Bhaskar come through the wild card at this time .. Aneel says that all the equations will change for Debbaki .. while talking to Bindu .. Akhil, Ashu and Ajay spoke negatively about Baba.

While Baba Bhaskar was in the secret room .. Nataraj Master slept. Baba Bhaskar who saw it .. made the dogs scream and said Bigg Boss. Dogs roar immediately .. Nataraj Master-Shiva clash was shown in yesterday’s episode. However, when Baba Bhaskar told Shiva that it was I who made the dogs scream the same thing .. Manodu went and blew Akhil Bach’s. With this Akhil .. I do not believe .. Do dogs bark when he tells Bigg Boss? It’s over when he’s sold it .. I do not believe it. I don’t like liars .. They came to play the game .. The game started .. I don’t think much of him ‘, Akhil repeatedly confessed about Baba.

Akhil says he will not think about him .. again and again he brings up his mention. Ashurreddy asked Natarajan if Baba Bhaskar, who came through the wild card, would stay for more than a week. Nataraj Master whispered that he was not the only one .. he would take another with him. Mumtaz Khan came in as a wild card and took the lead. With two going at the same time .. Ashureddy and Nataraj are hoping that Baba and another will leave next week. However, it may be true that the two did not go. I feel the same Master .. Akhil comes when Ashureddy says that someone else will leave along with Baba Bhaskar .. He started muttering again.

Did you watch the episodes .. spoke one point about me .. whispered that he was looking to talk about anything but not saying a single word. I do not believe him .. Akhil said that he does not care .. Speaking about Baba Bhaskar .. If you think about him, you can understand how scared Akhil is.

Nataraj Master quits from kitchen with Baba’s entry. Baba Bhaskar gave rest to Nataraj Master who was in the kitchen till yesterday. As soon as he arrived, he went into the kitchen and saw Baba Bhaskar cooking.

All in all, Baba Bhaskar’s wild card entry made Akhil, Ashu, Ajay and Nataraj blindfolded. What happens outside.? The only downside to this batch was that he gave an in-direct hint to whoever was in the winner race. One count till yesterday .. Another count from today seems to be a bad start for this batch as Baba Bhaskar has changed the look of the game.