In Sunday’s episode, it was revealed that Mitra Sharma had a crush on Ajay. However, in today’s episode, Mumtaz and Akhil are on the same page. After that Akhil Mitra called Sharma .. Everyone only knew me that Ajay means crush .. The real thing is that the real crush was with Ajay, Mitra gave an overreaction statement.

After that Ajay .. called Mitra Sharma into the room .. what are you talking about .. what are you giving statements? Did you say that when you raised that topic it was not now .. Do you understand what you are actually doing? Whatever you want to say, you have to speak face to face.

Nominations are busy every week .. Like every week, this
week the nominations went hot. Bigg Boss started the burning program with Ariana by telling them to nominate the two by burning the photos of those they wanted to nominate.

Let’s see who nominated whom ..

1. Ariana .. Mitra Sharma, Bindu Madhavi
2. Ajay .. Mahesh Vita, Hamida
3. Ashureddy .. Mitra Sharma, Hamida
4. Aneel Rathod .. Natraj Master,
5. Sravanti .. Mitra Sharma, Nataraj Master
6. Mahesh Vita .. Mumtaz Khan, Mitra Sharma
7. Hamida .. Ashureddy, Ajay
8. Natraj Master .. Sravanti, Bindu Madhavi
9. Anchor Shiva .. Ashureddy, Mitra Sharma
10. Mumtaz Khan .. Mahesh Vita, Mitra Sharma
11. Mitra Sharma .. Mahesh Vita, Anchor Shiva
12. Bindu Madhavi .. Nataraj Master, Ashureddy
13. Akhil Sardhak .. Bindu Madhavi, Mitra Sharma

All over the nomination fire .. Hamida, Ajay, there was a quarrel. When Ajay said that Hamida had given a wrong judgment in the FUCK word case .. How do you decide what to say .. Isn’t that word wrong? Said Hamida. Ajay got into a fight saying that you are making my personality bad.

After that there was a clash between Ashureddy Hamidas. The tribe was agitated as they came in batches hitting the bins near the taps.

Anil Nataraj nominating Master .. Katraj Bandaram released. Natarajan says he does not like to be blamed by others for using him in Master Horn’s task. The lawyer said the limits would be crossed in the task. This angered Katraj .. Aneel looked at him and overacted as if he was scared .. Aneel showed his hair to Pee. Scared to see you He became serious about playing the game well before. Nataraj Master .. Anil got angry when he pointed his fingers while pinching. Anil gave a warning that you should pinch to scare the hell out of you .. not pointing fingers .. show Audi playing the game.

After that there was a big war between Mitra Sharma and Shiva. Mitra did not say the real point .. she was annoyed by showing her acting prowess .. finally Bigg Boss spoke .. Amma gave a warning as if her mother was saying the point .. Shiva nominated her saying it was silly reason not to give her time. However, she was not the audience watching Orakshan .. Even those in the house were punished. Akhil, however, targeted Bindu Madhavi as usual. In this background, when Bindu Madhavi said that I am the non-stop winner of Bigg Boss .. Akhil was angry that Anuko Nakem Farak will not fall.

In all, Mitra Sharma, Nataraj, Mahesh Vitta, Ashu Reddy, Hamida, Bindu Madhavi, Anchor Shiva, Ajay, Sravanti and Mumtaz Khan were the ten nominees. Only Akhil, Ajay and Ariana were saved.